Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Protect your parking spot with a simple, easy to use, environment-friendly, and smartphone-controlled parking barrier.

From protecting one parking spot, to managing large parking areas or implementing an entire smart city solutions, we can make it happen.

Smart Barrier Solutions

Our smart parking solutions are integrated with custom software that enables you to manage remotely, via mobile devices and integrate with payment gateway services enabling you to monetize your parking lot efficiently and effectively. 

Smart Parking Barrier

Parkilo Barrier secures your parking place and allows you to control it with a smartphone APP and share it with your friends. 


The Parkilo chain automatic chain barrier operated by a smartphone allows protection of driveways, parking spaces, and wide access areas.

Parking Bollard

Bollards help to ensure a high level of safety of driveways, buildings, and enclosed territories.


Smart parking gate offers reliable control, security, and durability. A wide range of arm lengths makes an automatic gate barrier applicable to any parking entry or exit.

Parking Barriers are smartphone-controlled parking barriers that stop someone from using a parking space without permission. It provides control and easy management of your parking area. Protect your parking spot with a simple, easy to use, environment-friendly, and smartphone-controlled parking barrier. Parking operators can take advantage of our comprehensive barrier solutions to manage their parking lot seamlessly. Minimize risk by eliminating cash transactions.

Parking Made Simple

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Mobility as a Service

We integrate payment gateway services with next generation hardware to provide seamless parking management. Your parkers can use this service to make reservations online for parking or pay onsite all with use of our mobile solutions 

Self Service

We will integrate a solution for you and train you and team how to manage your own parking lot. With our staff and expertise we will train your team to monitor and manage parking transactions remotely

Solutions Management

You have an existing parking management solution but wish to integrate or optimize the solution for improved customer experience. Using existing infrastructure integrated with our smart technologies to improve your bottom line via process improvement and automation.