About Us

CCIT Services is your #1 choice in the Virgin Islands for all your technology needs

John Joseph


. I am originally from St. Thomas USVI, I have been in the IT industry for over 20 years, served in the US Army as a Medical Specialist and I have earned a BS of Information Technology and an MBA.   

Over 20 + years of IT and life experiences have shaped my beliefs, my core values and my outlook on how technology can and will continue to assist in providing an improved quality of life and competitive advantage. Moreover, it has fueled my passion to establish an IT services company within the USVI first with plans to expand across the Caribbean.  

                Our company CCIT Services has been in business for 18 months and the mission of CCIT Services is to leverage technology to make a positive impact on lives. Mission specific to the USVI, closing the technology and talent gap, providing second to none customer service and leading in technology services. We plan to accomplish this mission following a core set of values. 

  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Tenacity
  • Empathy

We’ve assisted local companies in boosting their websites and integrating social media of their choice. We have helped our customers think about how and what is needed for their website. We also like to make sure they understand the time commitment..  

I trust today we can collaborate together to gain a better understanding of how to use social media platforms. As the Dean puts it the continuum of learning. 

Lisa Mckelvey

Co founder

 Lisa understands the demands of business ownership and the importance that technology plays in keeping a business healthy and agile in an unpredictable market and economy.

Brandon Joseph

Technical Staff

Brandon is an upcoming graduate of University of the Virgin Islands Class of 2021 majoring in Information Systems and Technology.  Completing an internship at Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (VINGN) and being recognized as “Best Intern” reinforced his drive into the IT Industry.

“Get the most from your technology investment”